Trinity’s communities lead Georgia in creating the best environment for seniors and the highest quality care. We focus all of our services on the environment where seniors live and interact—including the staff, the programs and the design of the physical environment itself. A good living environment leads to better health outcomes for seniors.

shutterstock_148501142Primary services that Trinity offers include:

  • Independent Living:

    Independent living is for active seniors who enjoy a high level of self-sufficiency. In Trinity’s independent living communities, seniors can enjoy interacting and sharing memorable moments together with quality life enrichment programming, and can count on top quality care and assistance when they need it—while still maintaining a high degree of independence.

  • Assisted Living:

    Assisted living is ideal for seniors who face difficulty completing day-to-day chores on their own, or who have been relying more and more on care from family members. Assisted living provides a private room or suite and a high degree of personal freedom, but with all daily care activities provided by staff. This includes meals, medication management and assistance with bathing and personal hygiene. Assisted living can greatly improve a senior’s day-to-day happiness by relieving them of difficult chores and providing them with a social environment.

  • Memory Care:

    Memory care is a specialized form of assisted living for individuals coping with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Trinity utilizes the best research-based memory care therapies including using music and movies from seniors’ youth to help connect seniors to their memories and each other. Quality memory care can make life fulfilling and enjoyable for seniors facing dementia, and can greatly reduce agitation, restlessness and confusion.

At Trinity, we understand that not all seniors need full-time, long-term care. That’s why many Trinity communities offer additional services including:

  • Respite/Post-Operative Care:

    Sometimes seniors need only a temporary period of assisted care. This can be to give family members a break from providing full-time care or it may follow a surgery or other stressful procedure. Trinity can provide a restful, enjoyable stay for post-operation recovery or temporary respite.

  • Adult Day Services:

    Many seniors are capable of living on their own or with family but need interaction with others to feel connected and happy. Adult day services are an excellent way to combat loneliness and isolation in addition to getting help for chores and hygiene. Seniors can spend their down time enjoying structured and free-form activities in a social environment with other seniors and friendly, caring staff.

Trinity Lifestyles Management partners with the top companies in the industry to provide the best possible outcomes in all of our services. We continuously seek new therapies, programs and approaches focused on wellness and celebrating each resident or guest as an individual.

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